Fly Closer Friday Reflection 12/1

Every week in our SOC class we are required to update our Flight Plans. Our flight plans is a document where we write down our weekly goals and if we do not accomplish them then we keep it on the document  until it is completed. This week I wrote down update pictures for the blog and contacting our community partner about service projects. The blog has certain requirements that we have to obtain in order to have a successful blog that helps with the community. However, as a SOC representative we want to connect with our community by reaching out to them and offering our service to them. We can participate in community service projects or help with anything they need.

This week I accomplished contacting our community partner however she did not send me a list of service projects but we are staying in touch. I am also saving pictures for our blog so that I can update it as much as I can so everyone knows what the Thomas Nelson Volleyball team is doing.

Flycloser Friday Reflection 11/17

As a senior at Thomas Nelson High School I take on a lot of leadership roles. One specific role that I am involved in is the Student Organization Council. With this role there is a lot of things that I am responsible for, such as organizing events, updating social media, and most importantly helping everyone be the best that they can be. One way I help to make sure that my teammates are taking care of themselves is by making sure they are exercising, eating healthy, and maintaining a great GPA average. Our goal for our GPA is to have over a 3.5 as a whole organization. Overall, we have accomplished all of these things, even the GPA goal. We have one of the highest grade point averages in Thomas Nelson.  Maintaining these standards of being their best self is something we strive for at Thomas Nelson.

Our community partner is Bluegrass Assisted Living, although they have not contacted me about certain service projects they want us to complete, I am still in contact with them. We are hoping to get something set up for Christmas , like creating  ornaments or going to decorate cookies with them.

This week I plan on becoming a lot more comfortable with our community partner and contacting them at least once a week to see of any more service opportunities are open. This will help me jump out of my comfort zone and be the best that I can be for not only me but for the Thomas Nelson Volleyball Program.
Congratulations to our JV team for coming in third place at the Woodford County Tournament! 
Congratulations to our varsity team for winning the Boyle County Invitational Tournament! 
Way to go girls! 
Congratulations to our very own Olivia Hagan for being Student Athlete of August! 
Congratulations to Olivia Hagan on being selected for GSP this year!!