Quarter 4 SOC Reflection

This past year I have experienced a variety of different things and situations that have taught me to grow into the young woman I am today. The SOC class has brought me to realization that it is time to grow and to take chances. One chance that I took this year was to run for Vice President, although I did not get it I still had the opportunity to take on other leadership roles. For example, I am in charge of the Living Digital Announcements. The Living Digital Announcements is a slideshow that contains a variety of pictures and announcements that are occuring around the school. Recently, this is what Mrs. Newton and I decided I should do, in order to take on some more responsibilities. Not only did I take on this role for the SOC class itself but for my own organization, volleyball, I have set up different community service projects. One main one that was organized by the SOC class, but what we took on was the Angel Tree Project. We provided a little girl and a little boy from the New Haven community with different gifts for Christmas. This really brought our team together because we had the chance to build the start of a legacy. We will continue to do this every year, from different parts of the county so that we can get the name Thomas Nelson Volleyball out.

Since I am graduating this year I will be passing the torch down to Gracie Crepps. Gracie will take on many different and oncoming situations that will be thrown away. She is a very creative individual that could take on many different tasks. I hope that she will step up and take on the Living Digital Announcements, as I did this year. I need to make sure that I show her all of the social media and talk to Coach Morris about giving her permission to access this blog. In order to be in the SOC class, being a leader is something that you will for sure grow into. However, communication is a big part of being a leader to both the team and the SOC class as well. But I do believe that Gracie would be the perfect fit for this position.

During this class I am most proud of my ability to step up. I have taken on many different leadership roles, which has taught me to grow as a person. I have learned to use effective communication, as well as a lot of determination in order to get all of my jobs done. Over all SOC is the best decision I ever made, I would start all over again if I could.
Our very own Katelyn getting a promposal. Can’t wait to see her in her beautiful dress!!! 
Lady Generals Volleyball G Logo Outlined (2).pngG Logo Outlined (2).png

The 2018 High School Readiness Volleyball Camp
If you are wanting to play High School Volleyball, regardless of the high school
you will be going to, this is the camp for you. The camp will consist of 3 days of drills
and skills! Day 1 will be the offensive day with Day 2 being defensive minded.
Day 3 will be a day where campers will compete against each other after learning the
skills from the first 2 days. You will be working with our High School Coaches
Darren Morris and Andrew Clark along with our entire Lady General Volleyball Team.

Camp is open to 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, or 8th graders.  
Camp is April 10th, 11th, and 12th
Times for each day will be 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.
Cost is $65
Make all checks out to Thomas Nelson Volleyball or pay cash!

You will also receive a t-shirt: Size _____
Name: ______________________
Phone Number: _________________
Current school: __________________
Any questions, contact Coach Morris at (502) 827-1306 or Coach Clark at (270) 734-3104
Thomas Nelson is located just outside of Bardstown on highway 245. You will enter the school
from the doors nearest to the side parking lot between the Football fieldhouse and the school

Camp paperwork and fees are due April 1st. Please turn in or mail them to Coach
Darren Morris, Thomas Nelson High School, 150 Generals Blvd, Bardstown, Ky 40004.
          Congratulations to Madelyn Downs for being accepted to Eastern Kentucky University!

Our very own Madelyn Downs and Tika walked on the 2018 Homecoming Court! Tika was crowned homecoming queen! Way to go Tika!
                            3 of our Lady G's were making themselves better today in Indiana. 
                                                   One our favorite Moose’s Josie Reiter!
Look at our 2016 TNHS grad subbing at Thomas Nelson today! She is a student at WKU majoring in Spanish. Erika just returned from a 3 week study abroad program in Argentina. Good luck 

FlyCloser Reflection #2

Recently I have been communicating with Coach Morris about different activities that are coming up for volleyball. In April, we have a team camp as well as open gyms. About a month ago, Thomas Nelson High School participated in another RUSH, however this time we invited that eighth graders from four different middle schools to come. We invited, New Haven, Bloomfield, Boston, and Old Kentucky Home middle school. They had the opportunity to go around and speak with each organization from each club. Most girls came to the volleyball booth where they received a living calendar packet and a sheet of paper that contained information about the middle school camp in April. I was not able to reach out to all of the younger class men, but I am going to reach out to the local schools and give them a flyer that has all the information they need. Communicating with younger kids and their schools can really benefit the Thomas Nelson Volleyball team in the future.

If I start to lead an example by communicating with middle schools, staff at Thomas Nelson High School and my volleyball coach it will teach the leaders underneath of  me to do it. For example, next year our Student Organization Council member is going to be Maddie Brown. She will have the role to talk to younger class men and leave her own type of legacy. Although,  I have only been involved in SOC for my senior year, I have been a leader on the team since my freshman year. I was JV captain my freshman, sophomore, and junior year and was the Varsity captain my junior and senior year. The advice that I would communicate to Maddie is to reach out to other teams, organizations, and staff at Thomas Nelson High School. Do not take it for granted, because once its gone there is no going back. Image may contain: 3 people, people playing sports, basketball court and shorts

Flycloser Semester 1 Reflection

Semester 1 is done of my senior year and I have learned and accomplished so many things in SOC. Soc is abbreviated for the phrase, Student Organization Council. For volleyball, I have contacted our community partner and have started scheduling service projects for the spring semester, since the year is almost up. Having a community partner teaches us that helping out in our local community is a great way to not only connect with them, but as a team as well. We have bonded countless times, whether it is through practice or through team bonding.
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Overall, the volleyball team has had a very successful year. We have learned to connect, care, and create as one unit as we took on the year. As the volleyball representative I have updated our blog throughout the whole season, faced many challenges when it came to recruiting players, and helping other people throughout our community. But as 2018 approaches I will continue to connect with the volleyball team even though I will be graduating in May.